Certification Capabilities

  • Our staff includes FAA Electrical Systems and Equipment DERs delegated in all areas of 14 CFR Part 23, 25, 27, and 29 including System Safety, HIRF, Lightning, and EWIS
  • Coverage for Software and Complex Electronic Hardware can also be provided through our working relationships with other DERs.
FAA Project Management
  • Manage FAA Certification Projects
  • Hold and Manage FAA STCs on behalf of your company
  • Obtain Foreign Validation of FAA STCs
  • Generate Project Specific Certification Plans
  • Develop Responses to Issue Papers
  • Develop and obtain FAA approval of AMOCs for FAA ADs
Special Areas
  • Approval of Ground Functional and EMI Test Plans for Major Alterations
  • Approval of AFM Supplements for Major Alterations
    • Provided through our working relationships with Flight Test DERs
Additional Capabilities
  • Through our small and trusted network, Certification Services can provide a full complement of DERs and DER services to fully support your project. Through this network we can cover areas such as Structures, Mechanical Systems, Flight Test Pilots, Flight Analyst, Flammability and Interior Compliance. With regards to Flammability we can even satisfy your needs for burn testing.