Certification Services, Inc. (CSI) was formed in 2009 to serve the aerospace community. Our expertise lies in the areas of FAA certification and aircraft electrical engineering.

Certification Services has wide ranging capabilities from managing your entire STC, PMA, or Major Alteration / Repair project - including providing all required engineering and DER disciplines - to just providing Electrical Engineering or Electrical Systems DER support. CSI can even hold and manage your STC if desired.

Certification Services believes project success is more easily and better achieved when an entire engineering and certification team has experience working together. Based on this and our desire for excellence, CSI has developed a small, capable, and trusted network of other DERs and Engineering Service providers who are of the highest quality and integrity. Utilizing this select group allows us to quote and manage your entire project with a team of professionals that work well together and openly communicate. This familiarity with each other and open communication helps identify potential issues more readily, resulting in fewer surprises and schedule delays.

For a full list of our services, please download our Information Sheet.

Certification Services was one of the founding members of the ACD Conference.

The ACD Conference brings together aerospace engineers, FAA Designees, technicians, software developers, and industry professionals. The conference offers group Presentations & Discussions on engineering and regulatory subjects, a Market Forecast presentation, and time for Networking.